Things to do in Naivasha

  1. Leleshwa Winery Tour.

The Annual Leleshwa Winery Tour is back, Every weekend from the 1st of October to December 10th at their Mornedat Farm, Naivasha. For ksh 10,500 you get to experience the luxury of sipping wine as you face the majestic Mt. Longonot, a guided tour of the vineyard, a three-meal course, wine tasting and transport to and from Nairobi with welcome tea and snacks.

  • Riding bikes at Hells Gate.

We know of game drives and animal sight seeing but what if you could ride through a park alongside warthogs, giraffes or even zebras? An enticing idea, no? Hell’s Gate Naivasha allows you to bike through from the main gate to the gorge 18 km deep into the park. You can rent a bike at the gate for 500 bob or come with your own and pay a charge of 215 shillings. You can get a guided tour with a guide from the gate at an extra cost. Slightly enticing and fun filled if you hire a guide as a group. This is something you ought to do as you visit Naivasha.

  • Boat rides at Lake Naivasha.

Lake Naivasha is a sight to see and what better way to tour a lake than via a boat. The lake water is dotted with Pelicans, papyrus alive filled with Kingfisher, Heron, Jacanas and more. High in the trees is Africa’s largest concentration of the African Fish Eagles. Now I don’t know about you but this is something to enjoy. At the shores, you can hire a boat and its captain for the day trippers or for those spending a night or two, you can have the hotel or lodge you’re staying at organize a boat and captain for you.

  • Geothermal spa

Located in Naivasha, inside Hell’s Gate, the healing magical Geothermal Spa in Naivasha is believed to heal your skin if you suffer from acne and eczema, ease the symptoms of Arthritis due to the sodium presence and natural salt in the water and finally it supposedly Invigorates one’s blood circulation and oxygenation healing many things like infertility thanks to the proper flow of blood. Wonder why this is not a wonder of the world. For less than 500 shillings, exclusive of the hell’s gate park fees for citizens: it supposedly works better than any doctor will. 

  • Visit Crescent Island.

If you are into classic movies like me, you’ve probably watched Out of Africa. Maybe not voluntarily but you’ve come across it at some point. One of the pioneer African films shot right here in our backyard and miss an opportunity to relive it in the modern century? A hard pass from me, I want to intake every inch of the Island and so should you. Located barely 2 to 3 hours from Nairobi accessed by boat ride on Lake Naivasha *highly preferable* or drive through the sanctuary farm swampy narrow road, or for ultimate safari experience you can take a horse ride to the Island. This Island is heaven as you get to walk among wild animals and enjoying them up-close, because the island doesn’t have any predators that can threaten your safety. Apart from the hippos at night its relatively safe to walk. You can as well as have Picnics on the Island, guided nature walks, go biking, horseback riding, bird watching, or just view water animals like the Hippos in Lake Naivasha. The Island is a top destination for me in Naivasha.

  • Hiking at Ugali Hills.

Now I know, I don’t travel to go hiking but surprisingly A LOT of people do this. They get really riled up and excited to hike and explore the world. This is for those people. Hiking at the scenic Sleeping Warrior and Ugali Hills. Pretty unusual names for hills but creative if you ask me. It actually describes the shape and form of the hills so chances of confusing them are awfully low. The Sleeping Warrior Hill resembles a man lying down on his back. Some locals believe that it is the bust of the late, great Maasai warrior, Oloibon, while others believe that it is Lord Delamere, while Ugali Hill resembles the traditional Kenyan maize flour meal, Ugali. It is said that conquering both hills is physically exhausting but the adventure is well worth the pain. Will I try it probably not but I am a sucker for views and if hiking is the price, it is looking a lot like I will endure it. The Sleeping Warrior hike gives you astounding views of the surrounding horseshoe crater, Lake Elmentaita, the nearby Ugali Hill overlooking the nearby villages and towns.  Ugali Hill is higher and steeper than Sleeping Warrior. They say the higher you go the better the view and experience is. You have a clear view of the entire Soysambu Conservancy and Lake Elementaita glitters in all its glory in the distance from this point. For hiking enthusiasts, this is a mind-blowing experience.

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